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New Detroit Location

The UPS Store #3981 in Detroit, MI has joined the Kinek network! For those of you looking to ship your U.S. orders to the Detroit border, look no further! The UPS Store #3981 is a large 8000 sq ft location that accepts large freight that requires the use of a forklift. It is equipped with […]

New York Mailbox Now Accepts Freight

Kinek customers in the GTA (greater Toronto area) have been long awaiting a closer location in which they can ship freight to. New York Mailbox has been providing terrific customer service in the Kinek network for close to 3 years and they’ve invested in a forklift and hired a forklift operator for your specific needs. […] – How to ship boat parts to Canada – How to ship boat parts to Canada Boating can get expensive, really fast.  This is especially true in Canada, where parts and accessories for your boat can be hard to find, and when they are found the costs are through the roof.  The opposite is true in the United States, where there are plenty […]


Weddings and parties can be expensive, and oftentimes there is no way to get around these huge costs when helping someone prepare for their special day or a huge party.  However, save-on-crafts is here to help when looking for the perfect place to stock up on beautiful and fun supplies for a big event. Save-on-crafts […]


Now that summer has finally come around, a lot of people are thinking its time to put away those jeans and start wearing something more fitting of the weather.  Everybody loves shopping, but not nearly as much as they love getting a good deal. Luckily, dressbarn offers both.  With their amazing selection of dresses, swimwear, […]

Gain access to

Are you ready to “kohl”lide with some awesome deals?  Well that pun might have been bad, but I can assure you that the prices and deals at Kohl’s are nothing short of amazing!  They sell everything from blenders to beds to bikinis, so if you want it – they have it.. Unfortunately for us Canadians, […]

Allowances Increased for Cross Border Shoppers

Allowances on items you bring across the border are going up as of June 1st and Kinek users couldn’t be happier! Thousands of Canadians make their day or weekend trips to the U.S. and many of them bring back online orders they sent to their preferred Kinek location. It’s the easiest way to get those […]

How safe is it to ship to the border?

Safety is a common concern for anyone who ships to the border. Shipping anything to a business that you don’t know too well for the first time is a reach for trust, but Kinek does a few things to make you feel much more confident about your decision. Kinek has strict guidelines of who it […]