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What is a Kinek#?

So you are at the point where you know you want a US Shipping address to ship to, but you want to know exactly how it works. How do I get notified when my package arrives? The Kinek# answers these simple questions. When you sign up at for a US Shipping address you receive […]

Christmas Shipping Deadlines

If you are still thinking of that perfect gift at the best price possible you better think fast! Shipping deadlines from most of the large e-retailers are approaching fast so get your orders in now so you can still get your family and friends that great gift at the best price! Why wait for the […]

Massena business becomes new ‘KinekPoint’

One thing is for certain. The Kinek Network along the US/Canadian border has absolutely exploded in the past two years. New businesses along the border, like Triple A building center in Massena, NY have seen the many benefits of providing the service. Businesses like Triple A not only benefit from the added revenue from the […]

Labour Day Weekend

So we all know Labour Day weekend is coming up and traditionally this is a big weekend for US retailers just across the border. Thousands of Canadians book their hotel or even take day trips to their favourite U.S. mall to find some great deals on whatever they can find. It’s certainly not just a […]

Basketball Kicks in Canada

If you’re into basketball as much as I am then you would also share the pain in finding the best pairs of basketball kicks in your local city. If you live in Vancouver or Toronto your access is much easier but just think of the premium price you’re paying for your Kobe V’s or your […]

Finding a US shipping address

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