So you are at the point where you know you want a US Shipping address to ship to, but you want to know exactly how it works. How do I get notified when my package arrives? The Kinek# answers these simple questions.

When you sign up at for a US Shipping address you receive a Kinek#. This # is embedded into the shipping address you use when shopping online. This means you need to make sure you add it to the address line when your filling out the shipping section on the retailers website. We recommend simply copy and pasting your kinek address from the Kinek website. When your package arrives at your chosen KinekPoint, they will enter the Kinek# that is on the shipping label into the Kinek system, and this will send you an email and optional text message letting you know your package has arrived. You can even log into your Kinek account and see that the package has been added.

The Kinek# is uniquely tied to just you and your account, so you cannot give this number to anyone else. If you have a friend or family member that wants to ship to your KinekPoint they will simply need to sign up for their own account. Kinek is a very secure system and they ask that you bring your photo ID to make sure the name on the package matches your ID.

Kinek’s border locations store your packages for up to 30 days so you have lots of time to pick up your packages. Don’t forget to bring your invoice/receipt for the item to show border services on the way back into Canada.

If you have any questions about shipping to the border feel free to ask in the comments!