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BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters

Kinek has welcomed a new e-commerce partner, BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters, that is looking to expand it’s professional lighting equipment into Canada. BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters are known as the lighting experts in the film and photography industry in the U.S. They carry over 50 different manufacturers and what sets them a part from the competition is […]

Musician’s Friend

Music is as ageless as time itself.  It is all around the world in different forms, played by many different instruments.  Musician’s friend has everything one would need to perform a wild rock’n’roll concert and then dive into a deep concerto. Musician’s Friend is organized in such a way that you will have no trouble […]

Sports Authority

This week we found a rather large sporting good site that currently only ships within the U.S. What a shame right? Canadians want the best deals and access to great sites like The Sports Authority. There are over 30 million of us, most of which are close to the border and don’t mind travelling a […]

Rock Auto Shipping to Canada

Getting Auto Parts to Canada One product category where it nearly always pays to order from the US is car parts, it’s just too bad that the shipping prices to Canada are so brutal. Whether you’re ordering from Tire Rack, Auto Parts Warehouse, or Rock Auto the prices and product selection are almost unbeatable. So […]

Basketball Kicks in Canada

If you’re into basketball as much as I am then you would also share the pain in finding the best pairs of basketball kicks in your local city. If you live in Vancouver or Toronto your access is much easier but just think of the premium price you’re paying for your Kobe V’s or your […]

Shop at Abe’s of Maine this Christmas

A few months ago we did a back to school shopping article where we showed you how much you could save by buying your next TV at Abe’s of Maine and shipping it to the border.  Things haven’t changed much in the last few months and Abe’s of Maine is still an incredible place to […]

The Children’s Place Shipping to Canada

With the holiday season fast approaching mothers everywhere are looking for the perfect outfits for their children. Whether it’s to have as gifts under the tree or something for them to wear so they look great on Christmas Eve.  One of the hottest places to buy children’s clothing is The Children’s Place.  They’re huge in […]

Canadians shopping at BestBuy.com

Best Buy has some of the best Black Friday deals of any retailer.  If you’re looking for electronics this event is definitely one of the year’s best times to pick something up.   In the last post I discussed how you, a Canadian, can take advantage of these deals.  Here I’ll take a couple moments […]