Getting Auto Parts to Canada

One product category where it nearly always pays to order from the US is car parts, it’s just too bad that the shipping prices to Canada are so brutal. Whether you’re ordering from Tire Rack, Auto Parts Warehouse, or Rock Auto the prices and product selection are almost unbeatable. So what do you do when the shipping and brokerage fees make it feel like it isn’t worth it after all?

Canada’s #1 Border Network

Easy. Ship the car parts to the border and pick them up from there. Doing this, and then picking them up yourself, means that you aren’t paying the courier to file all sorts of paperwork to get the items into the country. Instead you simply bring them across the border yourself and save a ton of money, even after paying tax.

How does it work?

At Kinek, we’ve set up 28 “Border KinekPoints”, what we call parcel receiving locations, all along the US-Canadian border. We’re at nearly every major border crossing and tens of thousands of Canadians regularly use our Border KinekPoints as their personal US shipping address. Getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up for a free Kinek account at (we’ve got iPhone and Android apps too)
  2. Choose the nearest border KinekPoint to you
  3. Once choose, we’ll display the full shipping address along with your Kinek# (what we use to identify your package)
  4. Copy and paste your Kinek address into any online retailers Shipping Address section
  5. That’s it!

As soon as your package arrives we’ll notify you by e-mail, text message, or mobile Push notification. You can even track your package the entire way using our apps.

Give us a shout @ if you have any questions, or write them in the comment section below.