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Allowances Increased for Cross Border Shoppers

Allowances on items you bring across the border are going up as of June 1st and Kinek users couldn’t be happier! Thousands of Canadians make their day or weekend trips to the U.S. and many of them bring back online orders they sent to their preferred Kinek location. It’s the easiest way to get those […]

How much can I save by shipping to the border?

One of the most popular questions that we get asked from first time cross border shoppers are what fee’s do I pay at the border? We have briefly covered this topic in the custom/duties/taxes portion of this site but we wanted to dig a little deeper into why so many Canadians ship their items to […]

Taxes, Duty and Brokerage Fees

If you’re a Canadian looking at purchasing products in the United States you know how confusing all this talk about taxes and duties can be. ┬áSo to help you navigate through the fog I’ve put together a handy little guide so you can find what you really want to know. Consumers Taxes – Every Canadian […]

Products exempt from duty

Sometimes when shopping/ordering from the US you think you’re getting an incredible deal, only to arrive at customs and get hit with massive duty charges that make you wish you hadn’t bought the item in the first place. Not to worry, more often than not, products you buy in the United States are exempt from […]

Current border wait times

Thinking about crossing into the States to pick up a package or drop by a mall? Are you heading back home into Canada after a weekend of cross border shopping? In this post we provide links to official government sites that tell you what kind of a wait to expect when you reach the border.

Personal Exemptions

As many Canadian cross border shoppers know, the longer you spend in the US, the higher your personal tax exemption is when you come back. However, it can get confusing when you get into the details of these rules. For instance: How much are these exemptions and how long do you have to be gone […]