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Canadians love U.S. eBay Sales

For those Canadians who are dissapointed with the Canadian version (ebay.ca) site, Kinek offers an optimal solution. You can now ship on eBay.com and buy from the massive selection that our American neighbours offer. Simply sign up for Kinek at www.kinek.com/sign-up and you have isntant access to a U.S. shipping address at the border. Use […]

Shop Online This Christmas

For many people shopping online has become a way of life.  The convenience, astounding selection and great prices far outweigh the few days wait you have to put up with until the items are in your hands.  If you’ve never shopped online, or don’t very often, this Christmas would be the perfect time to get […]

Getting the best price on eBay

Canadians made over 95 million purchases online last year, spending $15 billion in the process.   Yesterday I ordered 6 more months worth of contacts online.  For whatever reason, be it convenience, selection, price, or something else,  millions of Canadians are flocking online rather than to the local mall to make purchases of all types and […]