For those Canadians who are dissapointed with the Canadian version ( site, Kinek offers an optimal solution. You can now ship on and buy from the massive selection that our American neighbours offer. Simply sign up for Kinek at and you have isntant access to a U.S. shipping address at the border. Use this shipping address when buying your eBay item with PayPal. It’s that easy! Kinek notifies you when your package arrives and you can pick up your package within 30 days of it arriving. This way you don’t pay international shipping, brokerage, and most likely duty as well.

This is a big win win as eBay sellers are loving Kinek as well. They now have access to over 25 million Canadians that live within 60 miles of the border. Recent eBay seller, anspach356 has partnered with Kinek and is letting their Canadian customers know about Kinek in their product description. You can view an example on their Porsche 911 bucket seat page.

Kinek expects many eBay sellers to follow suit as it gives them a fantastic way to promote to their Canadian customer base and to let them know that buying from them is now affordable. For parter inquiries Kinek asks that you fill out their Ecomm form.