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Rock Auto Shipping to Canada

Getting Auto Parts to Canada One product category where it nearly always pays to order from the US is car parts, it’s just too bad that the shipping prices to Canada are so brutal. Whether you’re ordering from Tire Rack, Auto Parts Warehouse, or Rock Auto the prices and product selection are almost unbeatable. So […]

How much can I save by shipping to the border?

One of the most popular questions that we get asked from first time cross border shoppers are what fee’s do I pay at the border? We have briefly covered this topic in the custom/duties/taxes portion of this site but we wanted to dig a little deeper into why so many Canadians ship their items to […]

Taxes, Duty and Brokerage Fees

If you’re a Canadian looking at purchasing products in the United States you know how confusing all this talk about taxes and duties can be. ┬áSo to help you navigate through the fog I’ve put together a handy little guide so you can find what you really want to know. Consumers Taxes – Every Canadian […]