Many Canadians find themselves trying to purchase something online only to find out that the company will only ship the item to a US shipping address. This can be incredibly frustrating and deters many from moving forward with the purchase. Those who are determined to purchase the item often look at renting a US P.O. box to have their item sent to. The problem is, this is costly, especially if you only want to order a few items a year. The second frustration is all the paperwork you need to fill out to get a US P.O. box.

There is another solution that is not only much less expensive, but also way more convenient for Canadians and that is using a US KinekPoint. There are two types of KinekPoints:

1) US border KinekPoints (located directly on the US border to act as a US shipping address for Canadians)

2) “Regular” KinekPoints (located all over the United States for use when you are on vacation or on a business trip)

What’s a KinekPoint? Good question. KinekPoints are businesses that have become authorized parcel pick-up locations for Kinek users. You can sign-up (for free!) with Kinek to use their locations, they have nearly 1,000 throughout the United States. The only time you pay anything is when you stop-by to pick up your package. The pick up fee is usually $5 for average sized packages, but can be more if the package is quite large or heavy. The best part? As soon as your package arrives, we’ll notify you by text message and email!

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