Red River Freight (Pembina, North Dakota)

Red River Freight in Pembina, North Dakota is your US shipping address. The friendly staff at Red River Freight will accept your items and store them in a safe place until you come and pick them up at your convenience.

Red River Freight charges a base fee of $5 per package and will accept packages of any size and weight.

If you’re a person who is looking for a US shipping address in Pembina, North Dakota here are the steps to start shipping your items to Red River Repair.

  1. Step 1: Sign up for the service at
  2. Step 2: Fill out your profile once you sign up
  3. Step 3: Find Red River Freight by searching “Pembina, North Dakota”
  4. Step 4: Select Red River Repair and Save it as your KinekPoint
  5. Step 5: Use your new shipping address when ordering online or from a catalogue

One of the neat features of shipping to Red River Freight is when your package arrives you receive instant text message and email notifications. Be sure to add your KINEK# to your new US shipping address or you won’t receive a notification when it arrives.

If you ever have any problems with this process you can comment here on this post and we will be sure to help you out.