New Detroit Location

Shipping to Detroit
The UPS Store #3981 in Detroit, MI has joined the Kinek network! For those of you looking to ship your U.S. orders to the Detroit border, look no further!

The UPS Store #3981 is a large 8000 sq ft location that accepts large freight that requires the use of a forklift. It is equipped with ample parking, has a competitive $5 per package flat rate, and offers top notch customer service.

This location is currently open 6 days a week but we always recommend logging into your Kinek account for up-to-date pricing and hours information.

Many Detroit locations struggle to be close to the border and have the space and parking availability. This location has it all at a great price!

Sign up for your US Shipping address in Detroit, MI today!

Win a $300 Gift Card gift card giveaway

That’s right! Kinek is giving away a nice treat just in time for the holidays. All you have to do for the opportunity to win is follow the instructions below.

You can earn several entries by commenting on this post, tweeting about the giveaway, referring friends, and more. What do you have to lose? The $300 gift card could be landing in your wallet!

*If you are selected as the winner and have signed up for the Kinek service at, the $300 gift card will be increased to $400. If you have received a package in the Kinek network before Dec 18th, 2015, your gift card will be increased to $500!

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Black friday 2015

Black Friday 2015

It’s no secret nowadays. It seems that everyone is geared up for the Black Friday madness that has blossomed into the biggest retailer day of the year. If you’re in Canada and wanting to take advantage of some of the deep discounts in the U.S. there are some retailers that have already started the price cuts. – Amazon is well known for their Black Friday Deals Week. They have taken advantage of their wide selection and spread Black Friday over an entire week instead of just 1 day. There are limited amounts for each item so make sure you keep checking back for something that may fit on your Holiday list! – WalMart has taken notice that Amazon’s black friday week has been a great success, so it now has it’s own pre-Black Friday savings event online. They guarantee that you won’t beat their rock bottom prices.

Sierra Trading Post – If you haven’t shopped at Sierra Trading Post before, you need to check it out. They have quality products that are meant to last. You will be pleasantly surprised how steep their discounts are for their Pre-Black Friday savings.

If you know of some pre-Black friday savings, feel free to share it with everyone in the comments!

BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters

BarnDoor Lighting

Kinek has welcomed a new e-commerce partner, BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters, that is looking to expand it’s professional lighting equipment into Canada.

BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters are known as the lighting experts in the film and photography industry in the U.S. They carry over 50 different manufacturers and what sets them a part from the competition is their in depth knowledge and customer service. If you check out their prices, they are competitive to the bigger box stores that offer little customer support. They serve large customers such as NASA, Disney, and Yale University, and the smaller shops and professionals that need quality equipment.

If you have questions about lighting equipment for your video and photo needs, head over to the BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters.

AMZ Wholesale

Buffalo shipping address

AMZ Wholesale is Kinek’s newest border location in Buffalo, New York! Within 15 minutes of the popular Galleria Mall, this location is the perfect fit for those who want to make a shopping trip to the Buffalo area.

AMZ is also providing a jaw dropping price on tires. Only $5 per tire! $10 per tire with rim. This is the lowest price you will find at any location.

If you’re like most Canadians, you not only shop at the stores in U.S. border cities, but you also shop on U.S. websites. Why not make your shopping trip as efficient as possible and pick up your online orders while you make the shopping trip to Buffalo. It’s never been easier!

The new AMZ Wholesale location has 85,000 sqft of storage space and can accept items of any size weight. They are determined at providing the best customer service possible and making sure they become a place that you will want to regularly ship your U.S. purchases to.

Pricing at this location is very competitive and they are open Saturday’s for Canadians convenience.

Black Friday Deals


If you’ve been waiting to get the best prices for your holiday and winter shopping, Black Friday deals are already rolling in on many online stores. Check out some popular deals below! – Black Friday Deals Week. Amazon has lightning deals on all week on thousands of items. Many items over 50% off or more and only last for a limited time. – Target Black Friday – Canadians know Target’s U.S. stores still offer better prices. Check out some popular items at great prices on their Target Black Friday page. – Black Friday Preview – Newegg’s U.S. website is offering Black Fridayprices now! Perfect for the tech lover on your list. – Black Friday Prices – WalMart is also offering amazing Black Fridayprices early. Don’t miss out!

Reminder: Please ensure when shipping to your US Border KinekPoint that you include your name and Kinek# in the address. They are required on each shipment you make! Friends and family members must sign up for their own account to ship any items under their names.

Friends and family can pick up items that you order by simply providing them with a copy of your photo ID and the receipt of the item.

To login to your account to retrieve your Kinek shipping address, visit

Happy Black Friday Shopping!!

New York Mailbox Now Accepts Freight

Kinek customers in the GTA (greater Toronto area) have been long awaiting a closer location in which they can ship freight to. New York Mailbox has been providing terrific customer service in the Kinek network for close to 3 years and they’ve invested in a forklift and hired a forklift operator for your specific needs. Whether you’re remodelling a home, purchasing large parts for your old chevy, or buying anything in bulk, we now have a very competitively priced location in Niagara Falls that accepts skids/pallets.

Pricing currently starts at $25 per pallet under 500 lbs. $50 for 500-999 lbs and $100 for anything above 1000 lbs. That pricing is tough to beat, especially when you keep in mind that you will be notified the same day it arrives via email and optional text, and its location in Niagara Falls. It doens’t get any more convenient than that!

If you have any questions about freight shipments at this location you can sign up at and call the direct phone number that listed on New York Mailbox’s profile. – How to ship boat parts to Canada

iboats – How to ship boat parts to Canada

Boating can get expensive, really fast.  This is especially true in Canada, where parts and accessories for your boat can be hard to find, and when they are found the costs are through the roof.  The opposite is true in the United States, where there are plenty of places to get whatever you need for your boat at low affordable places.  However, a leader in this category is definitely can cover all your boating needs.  Their site is organized in such a way you find exactly what you are looking for quickly and you know that you are getting the right part.  For example, one great feature of their site is when ordering a part like a propeller, they have a very comprehensive “PropFinder” that is an excellent example of how their site is tailored to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  You just tell them your engine model, make, and year and they compile a complete list of props that will fit both your motor and your price range. has everything from boat covers, electrical systems, steering, and about everything else boat related, so they are your one stop shop for all things nautical and aquatic.

The only problem is, shipping boat parts to Canada from the US can destroy any potential savings with the huge costs of actually getting it over the border.  For example, if I wanted to order a prop to Canada, it costs $60 to get it delivered here, whereas in the states the shipping is $6.  That is a markup of 900%!  Luckily with Kinek you can ship your order to the border and have huge savings on shipping.  All you need to do is head over to and sign up.  After you have chosen your border location you are ready to start ordering your next big boat upgrade!

So what are you waiting for? Start shipping all your boat parts to the border and save big. Tell your friends and you can all enjoy the savings!