AMZ Wholesale

Buffalo shipping address

AMZ Wholesale is Kinek’s newest border location in Buffalo, New York! Within 15 minutes of the popular Galleria Mall, this location is the perfect fit for those who want to make a shopping trip to the Buffalo area.

AMZ is also providing a jaw dropping price on tires. Only $5 per tire! $10 per tire with rim. This is the lowest price you will find at any location.

If you’re like most Canadians, you not only shop at the stores in U.S. border cities, but you also shop on U.S. websites. Why not make your shopping trip as efficient as possible and pick up your online orders while you make the shopping trip to Buffalo. It’s never been easier!

The new AMZ Wholesale location has 85,000 sqft of storage space and can accept items of any size weight. They are determined at providing the best customer service possible and making sure they become a place that you will want to regularly ship your U.S. purchases to.

Pricing at this location is very competitive and they are open Saturday’s for Canadians convenience.

Black Friday Deals


If you’ve been waiting to get the best prices for your holiday and winter shopping, Black Friday deals are already rolling in on many online stores. Check out some popular deals below! – Black Friday Deals Week. Amazon has lightning deals on all week on thousands of items. Many items over 50% off or more and only last for a limited time. – Target Black Friday – Canadians know Target’s U.S. stores still offer better prices. Check out some popular items at great prices on their Target Black Friday page. – Black Friday Preview – Newegg’s U.S. website is offering Black Fridayprices now! Perfect for the tech lover on your list. – Black Friday Prices – WalMart is also offering amazing Black Fridayprices early. Don’t miss out!

Reminder: Please ensure when shipping to your US Border KinekPoint that you include your name and Kinek# in the address. They are required on each shipment you make! Friends and family members must sign up for their own account to ship any items under their names.

Friends and family can pick up items that you order by simply providing them with a copy of your photo ID and the receipt of the item.

To login to your account to retrieve your Kinek shipping address, visit

Happy Black Friday Shopping!!

New York Mailbox Now Accepts Freight

Kinek customers in the GTA (greater Toronto area) have been long awaiting a closer location in which they can ship freight to. New York Mailbox has been providing terrific customer service in the Kinek network for close to 3 years and they’ve invested in a forklift and hired a forklift operator for your specific needs. Whether you’re remodelling a home, purchasing large parts for your old chevy, or buying anything in bulk, we now have a very competitively priced location in Niagara Falls that accepts skids/pallets.

Pricing currently starts at $25 per pallet under 500 lbs. $50 for 500-999 lbs and $100 for anything above 1000 lbs. That pricing is tough to beat, especially when you keep in mind that you will be notified the same day it arrives via email and optional text, and its location in Niagara Falls. It doens’t get any more convenient than that!

If you have any questions about freight shipments at this location you can sign up at and call the direct phone number that listed on New York Mailbox’s profile. – How to ship boat parts to Canada

iboats – How to ship boat parts to Canada

Boating can get expensive, really fast.  This is especially true in Canada, where parts and accessories for your boat can be hard to find, and when they are found the costs are through the roof.  The opposite is true in the United States, where there are plenty of places to get whatever you need for your boat at low affordable places.  However, a leader in this category is definitely can cover all your boating needs.  Their site is organized in such a way you find exactly what you are looking for quickly and you know that you are getting the right part.  For example, one great feature of their site is when ordering a part like a propeller, they have a very comprehensive “PropFinder” that is an excellent example of how their site is tailored to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  You just tell them your engine model, make, and year and they compile a complete list of props that will fit both your motor and your price range. has everything from boat covers, electrical systems, steering, and about everything else boat related, so they are your one stop shop for all things nautical and aquatic.

The only problem is, shipping boat parts to Canada from the US can destroy any potential savings with the huge costs of actually getting it over the border.  For example, if I wanted to order a prop to Canada, it costs $60 to get it delivered here, whereas in the states the shipping is $6.  That is a markup of 900%!  Luckily with Kinek you can ship your order to the border and have huge savings on shipping.  All you need to do is head over to and sign up.  After you have chosen your border location you are ready to start ordering your next big boat upgrade!

So what are you waiting for? Start shipping all your boat parts to the border and save big. Tell your friends and you can all enjoy the savings!



Weddings and parties can be expensive, and oftentimes there is no way to get around these huge costs when helping someone prepare for their special day or a huge party.  However, save-on-crafts is here to help when looking for the perfect place to stock up on beautiful and fun supplies for a big event.

Save-on-crafts certainly lives up to the promise that its name entails.  They have a great selection of, well, pretty much everything when it comes to things you will need when decorating for that special event.  They have a great sales section that they update with new items every week so that their customers always have a new collection of sales to choose from.  To top this, they also have their closeout specials where they deeply discount items to sell,  with some items being upwards of 60% off.  They also have a what’s new section where you can find the newest and latest stock in their store that will make your event a raging success.

After all those awesome features it is clear that save-on-crafts has a great website and offers amazing deals, however they unfortunately don’t ship to Canada.  Thankfully this is where Kinek can partner with you to make sure that you get the items you want without worrying how you are going to get them.  By signing up with Kinek you can have your packages shipped to the nearest border location near you for pickup there, allowing you to get the items that you never could before because they only shipped within the US.

Musician’s Friend


Music is as ageless as time itself.  It is all around the world in different forms, played by many different instruments.  Musician’s friend has everything one would need to perform a wild rock’n’roll concert and then dive into a deep concerto.

Musician’s Friend is organized in such a way that you will have no trouble finding exactly what you are looking for.  Their “shop by department” option features so many categories that you won’t’ have to spend any time at all browsing through the website trying to find one certain item. They have a great deal center which features all of their deeply cut prices on over 2400 items!  Their website also features a used item category for the buyer who is looking for the best deal and doesn’t mind an item that is looking for a second home.  As if the above wasn’t enough they also offer a Stupid Deal of the Day, in which they absolutely cut the price of a select item to the bone, that will have you checking back everyday to see what amazing deal you can grab.

While Musician’s Friend can ship a few select items to Canada, the majority of their selection is only available to Americans.  This is where Kinek bridge’s the gap.  By using Kinek, you can get their great deals delivered to the border for pickup, avoiding the need for international shipping.  All you have to do is head over to and signup.  While signing up, you choose the most convenient border location for you and you are ready to start planning your next big musical event.

Camping World

camping world

Camping season has been upon us for a couple of months already, and what better time to cash in on some great camping deals than in the middle of the beautiful summer season.  The problem is camping can become an expensive pastime very quickly, however thankfully Camping World has the answer with it’s amazing selection and low pricing.

 Camping World carries everything from bike mounts, to chairs, fireplaces, and even satellites; anything and everything that a camper of any style could want. Whether you like to rough it in the middle of nowhere or leisurely sit back from the comfort of your RV you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re looking for.  First of all, their clearance is a great place to start with items over 50% off.  To follow that up, they have exclusive internet specials for us online shoppers who can’t make it in-store.  As the U.S.’s largest retailer of camping supplies, accessories,  and services Camping World will have whatever you need.

Kinek allows Canadian cross border shoppers to get ahold of these great deals.  Just visit, and sign up.  During signup you get to choose the most convenient border location for you and can start getting your goods from Camping World before heading out on your next camping trip.

July 4th Border Location Closure’s

July 4th is coming up and we want to ensure you know all the closure’s around this holiday. If you’re KinekPoint is not listed here please give them a phone call directly to find out holiday hours. It is the customer responsibility to call before travelling down on holidays.

July 4th Border KinekPoint Hours:
AN Deringer, Calais ME – Closed July 4th
Appleway Video, Oroville WA – Closed July 4th
Border Mail Depot, Champlain NY – Closed July 4th
Bay Brokerage, Champlain NY – Closed June 30th, Open July 4th
Bay Brokerage, Tonawanda NY- Closed July 4th
Bay Brokerage, Alexandria Bay NY – Closed July 4th
Bay Brokerage, Port Huron MI – Open July 4th
Border Tire and Kinek Pickup, Babb MT – Open July 4th
Business America Services, Swanton VT – Closed July 4th
Computing Express, Detroit MI – Closed July 4th
Diversified Shipping Services, Oroville WA – Closed July 4th
Edge Logistics, Blaine WA – Closed July 4th
FB Package and Shipping Center, Marine City MI – Closed July 4th
Houlton Power Sports, Houlton ME – Closed July 4th
Kinek Norman Jensen, Derby Line VT – Closed July 4th
Letterlock Kinek, Sumas WA – Closed July 4th
Malone Lumber and Ready Mix INC., Malone NY – Closed July 4th
N.A.C. Logistics, Ogdensburg NY – Closed July 4th
New York Mailbox, Niagara Falls NY – Closed July 4th
Pete’s Appliance, Saulte Sainte Marie, MI – Closed July 4th
Red River Freight, Pembina ND – Closed July 4th
Storage Central, Buffalo NY – Closed July 4th
The UPS Store of Lewiston, Lewiston NY – Closed July 4th
Triple A Building Center, Massena NY – Closed July 4th
Wellesley Island Building Supply, Fineview NY – Closed July 4th