This week we found a rather large sporting good site that currently only ships within the U.S. What a shame right? Canadians want the best deals and access to great sites like The Sports Authority. There are over 30 million of us, most of which are close to the border and don’t mind travelling a bit to receive our packages.

That’s why Kinek is the perfect solution for the sports authority. Simply shop on their website as you normally would and when you get to the shipping address simply sign up for a Kinek account to receive your free US shipping address. It really is that easy for Canadians to gain access to great websites that only ship within the U.S. These websites also love Kinek since it brings them new customers in a hassle free way. Many of them are partnering with Kinek and marketing them on their websites now.

It’s a win win for everyone! If you’re in need of any type of sporting good equipment, apparel, or accessories head to the sports authority and check out all they have to offer.