Safety is a common concern for anyone who ships to the border. Shipping anything to a business that you don’t know too well for the first time is a reach for trust, but Kinek does a few things to make you feel much more confident about your decision.

Kinek has strict guidelines of who it accepts into the Kinek network. There are currently over 23 border locations across the US/Canadian border and all of them are professional businesses. On top of having a strict process of accepting only quality and resonsible locations into their network, they also provide up to $2,500 insurance while the package is at the location for up to their 30 day limit. No other locations across the border provide this type of service.

Finally, Kinek’s network has a head office support center that you can call toll free and a live chat support which is online during the day. When it’s offline it simply sends them an email where you receive a prompt response within 24 hours (except weekends). The peace of mind of using a Kinek border location has a lot of value for Canadians who are hesitant on using the service. It is a lot of trust to put on a company, and that trust must be earned. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact Kinek on their website

To answer the question, is it safe to ship to the border? It is with Kinek.