Kinek customers in the GTA (greater Toronto area) have been long awaiting a closer location in which they can ship freight to. New York Mailbox has been providing terrific customer service in the Kinek network for close to 3 years and they’ve invested in a forklift and hired a forklift operator for your specific needs. Whether you’re remodelling a home, purchasing large parts for your old chevy, or buying anything in bulk, we now have a very competitively priced location in Niagara Falls that accepts skids/pallets.

Pricing currently starts at $25 per pallet under 500 lbs. $50 for 500-999 lbs and $100 for anything above 1000 lbs. That pricing is tough to beat, especially when you keep in mind that you will be notified the same day it arrives via email and optional text, and its location in Niagara Falls. It doens’t get any more convenient than that!

If you have any questions about freight shipments at this location you can sign up at and call the direct phone number that listed on New York Mailbox’s profile.