Are you ready to “kohl”lide with some awesome deals?  Well that pun might have been bad, but I can assure you that the prices and deals at Kohl’s are nothing short of amazing!  They sell everything from blenders to beds to bikinis, so if you want it – they have it..

Unfortunately for us Canadians, Kohl’s doesn’t offer shipping to Canada.  This is tragic when you take a look at the crazy deals they have on their website!  To start, they offer 10% off  your first Kohl’s purchase when you just sign up for email sale alerts, which means they are giving you 10% off just to be able to tell you when they have a sale going on.  They also have great themed deals.  With Father’s day fast approaching they are offering 15% off everything!  Who knows what killer deals will be around when you’re shopping there?  To finish all these great deals off they even offer free shipping on orders over $75.

So how can Canadians get ahold of these extreme deals and cool items?  All you have to do is sign up at, choose the closest border location for you, and start ordering from Kohl’s right away!  The whole process is very simple, and well worth the deals that can be had!