Weddings and parties can be expensive, and oftentimes there is no way to get around these huge costs when helping someone prepare for their special day or a huge party.  However, save-on-crafts is here to help when looking for the perfect place to stock up on beautiful and fun supplies for a big event.

Save-on-crafts certainly lives up to the promise that its name entails.  They have a great selection of, well, pretty much everything when it comes to things you will need when decorating for that special event.  They have a great sales section that they update with new items every week so that their customers always have a new collection of sales to choose from.  To top this, they also have their closeout specials where they deeply discount items to sell,  with some items being upwards of 60% off.  They also have a what’s new section where you can find the newest and latest stock in their store that will make your event a raging success.

After all those awesome features it is clear that save-on-crafts has a great website and offers amazing deals, however they unfortunately don’t ship to Canada.  Thankfully this is where Kinek can partner with you to make sure that you get the items you want without worrying how you are going to get them.  By signing up with Kinek you can have your packages shipped to the nearest border location near you for pickup there, allowing you to get the items that you never could before because they only shipped within the US.