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Shop Online This Christmas

For many people shopping online has become a way of life.  The convenience, astounding selection and great prices far outweigh the few days wait you have to put up with until the items are in your hands.  If you’ve never shopped online, or don’t very often, this Christmas would be the perfect time to get […]

MonoPrice now offering another shipping option for Canadians

If you’re one of the millions of North American home theatre enthusiasts you’ve probably heard of If you haven’t, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what I am about to tell you. Buying a typical 6ft HDMI cable at the big-box electronics store can easily set you back $60-70, but that’s just the price […]

Canadians shopping at

Best Buy has some of the best Black Friday deals of any retailer.  If you’re looking for electronics this event is definitely one of the year’s best times to pick something up.   In the last post I discussed how you, a Canadian, can take advantage of these deals.  Here I’ll take a couple moments […]

Black Friday for Canadians

Maybe there isn’t such a thing as Black Friday for those of us lucky enough to call the Great White North our home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the mayhem alongside our friends down south.  It seems kind of ironic that immediately following Thanksgiving, a day set aside to be thankful for […]

Shipping to Blaine, Washington

Whether you live in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, White Rock or anywhere in between, there is a great location to ship your US purchases to in Blaine, Washington. Edge Logistics is now a border KinekPoint that accepts packages on behalf of Canadians. By using the Edge Logistics KinekPoint for your package receiving in Blaine, you can easily avoid paying expensive international […]