Maybe there isn’t such a thing as Black Friday for those of us lucky enough to call the Great White North our home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the mayhem alongside our friends down south.  It seems kind of ironic that immediately following Thanksgiving, a day set aside to be thankful for what you have, millions of Americans stand out in the cold and dark for hours on end waiting for their favorite store to open.  The moment it does they rush in to the sale displays without regard for their fellow shopper grabbing up as many HDTVs, BluRay movies, the latest clothing styles, and children’s toys as they can.  Even though we don’t officially hold this day of incredible deals in Canada there are still a few ways we can take participation in all of the excitement.

One option is to drive to the nearest American shopping town the night before, camp out in front of Best Buy and then gather up as many products as you can while dashing around the store looking for the best deals.  But for those of you who aren’t into the insanity of it all there is another option.  While not all door crasher deals are online, most retailers will still have some incredible sales on the web.  You, dear Canadian, can shop Black Friday deals from the comfort of your own home.  The possibilities become endless when you use a US shipping address. (you can get one from Kinek)  Every retailer in the states, including the Pottery Barn, Target, and Best Buy, all retailers who don’t ship internationally, will ship your order to a a border KinekPoint!

Some great deals have already been posted by retailers and some are holding early Black Friday sales. is having a sale each Friday leading up to the main event and if you look around you can find several other retailers holding Pre-Black Friday sales too!  If you’re looking forward to grabbiing some incredible deals I’d reccommend that you check out, or for the most complete and up to date lists of Black Friday deals on the web.  And we’ll try to post up some of our favorite deals as we hear about them over the next few weeks.

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