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Kinek iPhone App for the US Border!

After toiling away for the better part of the summer, we’re excited to announce the release of a Kinek iPhone app! This has been a fun project for us and it’s great to release it into the wild. What can you use it for? Well, first off it makes finding a US Shipping Address along […]

Under Armour

Warm weather has us Canadians going outside in droves to participate in our favorite activities.  I am always on the hunt for athletic apparel that is not only comfy, but looks great too. My latest obsession is Under Armour. While we can purchase their clothing in Canada, living in a smaller city, we are limited […]

Canon SLR Camera

Most Canadians I know love finding a great deal, or saving money when they can. When I was in the market for a new SLR Camera I knew the price range I had in mind ($650-850) and I also was determined to get the best possible camera for the amount of money I was going […]

Shop at Abe’s of Maine this Christmas

A few months ago we did a back to school shopping article where we showed you how much you could save by buying your next TV at Abe’s of Maine and shipping it to the border.  Things haven’t changed much in the last few months and Abe’s of Maine is still an incredible place to […]

The Children’s Place Shipping to Canada

With the holiday season fast approaching mothers everywhere are looking for the perfect outfits for their children. Whether it’s to have as gifts under the tree or something for them to wear so they look great on Christmas Eve.  One of the hottest places to buy children’s clothing is The Children’s Place.  They’re huge in […]

Black Friday for Canadians

Maybe there isn’t such a thing as Black Friday for those of us lucky enough to call the Great White North our home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the mayhem alongside our friends down south.  It seems kind of ironic that immediately following Thanksgiving, a day set aside to be thankful for […]

PayPal as your US Billing Address

Have you ever tried to buy something online from a US retailer but were unable to complete the purchase because they required that you have a US billing & shipping address?  Perhaps they don’t ship internationally but you were  planning on shipping the item to a border KinekPoint and picking it up at your convenience. […]

Ordering online from Pottery Barn for Canadians

The Pottery Barn is one of the United States’ most popular home furnishing brands.  Canadians seem to love it too, but unless you live in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver (where they have recently opened up retail locations) chances are it’s going to be a hassle to get the products you want.  That’s because unfortunately The […]