Canon t2i save by shipping to borderMost Canadians I know love finding a great deal, or saving money when they can. When I was in the market for a new SLR Camera I knew the price range I had in mind ($650-850) and I also was determined to get the best possible camera for the amount of money I was going to spend. For those of you who don’t know SLR camera’s can range from $500-$2500 and then certain lenses can be thousands of dollars more. The best equipment is very expensive.

I however was looking for a quality “prosumer” camera that will enable me to take amazing photographs that look professional. When I dived into my research I found the Canon T2i. The ratings on this camera were consistently great and the photos that people were shooting from this camera with the kit lens was phenomenal. After hours of research I knew it was “the one”. After looking around at local camera shops, and even on Canadian camera websites I was finding this camera to be $799-899 at the time. Then I ventured over to my favourite website and found the T2i camera for $689. I was very happy because this enabled me to purchase a high-end SD card to shoot video with, and a camera bag to lug my lenses and camera around in. The best part was it was all within my budget and I was shooting great photos and video. I of course used my KinekPoint at the border to ship all my items to, which ended up saving me over a hundred dollars.

It’s simple to sign up and receive your US Shipping Address. You only pay a per package fee and you escape high international shipping and brokerage fees. I live within 60 miles of the border but so does 80% of Canadians, so it’s a no brainer when it comes to saving money. Every hundred dollars counts! Most people like me buy things in bulk so when I take one trip down to the border I am picking up 3-5 items and saving a few hundred dollars minimum.

Shop smart and ship to your border KinekPoint!!