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Getting the best price on eBay

Canadians made over 95 million purchases online last year, spending $15 billion in the process.   Yesterday I ordered 6 more months worth of contacts online.  For whatever reason, be it convenience, selection, price, or something else,  millions of Canadians are flocking online rather than to the local mall to make purchases of all types and […]

Ordering Paintball Gear from the US

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing about some great deals that Canadian users are scoring when they order from US retailers. Everything from tires, scrap-booking supplies, furniture, bike equipment, auto parts, to sports equipment. One of the really interesting categories that Canadian Kinek users were saving on was Paintball gear. We’ve had customers order everything […]

Back to School

So the back to school rush is on and most people just want to get the entire process over with as fast as possible. While smaller items such as crayons and paper may be cheaper to buy at the local Staples or Wal Mart you may want to rethink where you purchase the larger items […]

New KinekPoint serving the Ottawa region in Ogdensburg, NY!

New KinekPoint in Ogdensburg, New York We’re happy to announce a new border KinekPoint in Ogdensburg, New York. If you live in the Ottawa region, Brockville, Prescott, Kemptville, or anywhere nearby then this is the perfect location to use as your US shipping address along the US border. The KinekPoint is called NAC Logistics and […]

What are you Shipping to the Border?

We have been getting a great response from people who are finding great deals in the U.S. and shipping their items to a convenient border pick up point. What we would love to know from our readers is: “What have you shipped to the border and how much have you saved?” If you would be […]

iPad international availability delayed….ship to the border instead!

Well, every Canadian that was waiting for the end of April to arrive so they could buy an Apple iPad is surely a bit frustrated today. Apple has announced that the iPad will no longer go on sale in late April due to “high demand” in the US market. Instead, they are delaying the Canadian […]