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Products exempt from duty

Sometimes when shopping/ordering from the US you think you’re getting an incredible deal, only to arrive at customs and get hit with massive duty charges that make you wish you hadn’t bought the item in the first place. Not to worry, more often than not, products you buy in the United States are exempt from […]

What to order from the US?

Now that you have a US shipping address just across your nearest border crossing, what do you use it for? What types of products are worth ordering from a US website or catalogue and having shipped to the border? While some people that live right along the border cross over for just about everything, the […]

Current border wait times

Thinking about crossing into the States to pick up a package or drop by a mall? Are you heading back home into Canada after a weekend of cross border shopping? In this post we provide links to official government sites that tell you what kind of a wait to expect when you reach the border.