We’re excited to announce that we have set up a new border location to serve the cross border shopping needs of Canadians in Kelowna and Osoyoos. The new border Kinek Point is in Oroville, Washington and is open 7-days a week, so there is no need to worry about what day to head down to pick up your recent online orders.

If you want to use this Kinek Point as your US shipping address for online orders from US retailers, you simply need to sign up for a free Kinek account and then select Appleway Video in Oroville, Washington as you default Kinek Point.

Check out their page at www.kinek.com/appleway and sign up for a Kinek account to user Appleway Video as your package receiving service in Oroville, Washington.

We’re hard at work setting up other locations throughout Washington for those that live in Vancouver, so keep checking back for updates!

Ship to the Border Team