UPDATE: Canadians, download Kinek’s new iPhone app to ship your Zappos orders to the US Border!

Every shoe lover knows about Zappos. After being featured on Oprah they became one of the most popular online shoe stores because of their commitment to exceptional customer service and their free shipping and returns policies. To top it all off they offer amazing prices as well. This all sounds amazing, but to the Canadian shopper, they are limited to the canada.zappos.com site which has a, how do I say, “lackluster inventory”. So if you’re a Canadian and you love shoes, and you want the full selection and pricing that zappos.com offers, what can you do? That’s what Kinek is for – easily receive a US shipping address to receive your american orders.

Why haven’t you heard of this before? Kinek has built its border network over the past year and is growing it’s user base at a rapid rate. They have locations from west to east coast covering almost every major border crossing, making shopping on US websites accesible to over 16 million Canadians. How complicated is the process? It’s actually pretty easy, you sign up for a Kinek account, pick your address and you receive your new Kinek shipping address right away. There are no start up fees and you only pay a per package fee which is determined by each individual KinekPoint. Simply visit www.kinek.com and search for one in your area. You can view the hours, fee’s, and features of each KinekPoint by selecting them off of the map.

Getting your Zappos orders is now more acessible to millions of Canadians, so happy shopping Canada!