paypalHave you ever tried to buy something online from a US retailer but were unable to complete the purchase because they required that you have a US billing & shipping address?  Perhaps they don’t ship internationally but you were  planning on shipping the item to a border KinekPoint and picking it up at your convenience.  So how can you get past this frustrating requirement?  The simplest solution, although it may not work with every retailer, is through PayPal.  If you don’t have an account it is easy to sign up, free to use, and the most secure payment platform on the web.  You don’t even need to have a credit card to sign up for PayPal as they now offer you the option to transfer funds directly from your bank account.  When you sign up for the account you must input your home address, and they also allow you to add other addresses. The only problem with this option is PayPal will only allow you to add Canadian addresses as of just a few months ago. Don’t worry, there is still a solution!

So you need a way to ship your purchases to an address not listed in your PayPal account.  The solution is easier than you might think.  Most websites that accept PayPal have at least two checkout options.  You can visit their normal checkout or you can use the PayPal quick checkout.  Don’t go directly to the PayPal checkout!  You must proceed to the normal checkout where you can enter your US shipping address.  After your shipping info is filled out you can safely choose PayPal as your payment option.  If you are looking for a US Shipping Address near you, you can find one using Kinek. One more  great thing about Kinek is that you also get access to the phone number of your selected KinekPoint, one more piece of info that is required to make some online purchases.  PayPal is just one more necessary tool that the savvy consumer should know how to use.  It just may make a difference in receiving the item you need!