Having convenient trusted locations that you can ship your packages to along the border from coast to coast is what Kinek is known for, and they have recently added two locations to serve even more Canadians. The first location is in Great Falls, Montana, which is the first city below Alberta with a Wal Mart and other large stores to shop at. It is roughly a 2 1/2 hour drive to Great Falls from the border, but many Canadians already ship to the Ship-It store. It’s not a surprise since the dollar is so strong and many items from the U.S. simply cannot be shipped to Canada. If you live in southern Alberta select Ship-It as your border KinekPoint for your next purchase!

The other KinekPoint that has been added to the Kinek Border Network is Malone Lumber & Ready-Mix in Malone, NY. They can receive items of any size and weight for those people looking to ship large items. Many Building Supply stores are finding the Kinek Network to be very beneficial to their business since it brings in a great deal of walk-in traffic and added revenue. Canadians seem to love these locations as well since its a trusted business, there is room to store their packages, and people often find other items that they can pick up while they’re there. It’s truly a win win for everyone. If you live in southern Quebec or south-east Ontario select Malone Lumber & Ready-Mix as your KinekPoint shipping address!

This brings the total of Border KinekPoints to 21 with coverage from Blaine, washington to Calais, Maine.