Importing Cars

Importing cars into Canada

In this section, we outline one of the most popular purchases Canadians make in the US (vehicles), how it saves them thousands of dollars, and how you can use Bay Brokerage to handle the entire process for you. Bay Brokerage offers a great service where you simply need to tell them the make and model that you are interested in, and they will then:

  1. Ensure the vehicle meets Canadian specifications
  2. Source the car for you (they have extensive relationships with car dealerships throughout the US)
  3. Handle all transportation of the vehicle to the border
  4. Handle all customs paperwork (Bay Brokerage is one of the leading brokerage companies in North America)
  5. Store the vehicle at one of their secure border facilities until you can stop by and pick it up

Because of Bay Brokerage’s unrivaled experience in the industry (read about their experience below), they can offer customers a seamless, convenient, and competitively priced end-to-end vehicle importing service. You don’t need to be a dealer or purchasing more than one vehicle either, you just need to let them know what car you want and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you are interested, you can contact Ken at or reach him by phone at 1-(315)-482-6161

Why import cars from the United States?

One of the biggest purchases we make is the vehicle we drive and we typically shop around quite a bit to find the best deal. What gets really frustrating is when you check the price of an identical vehicle on the US car manufacturer’s website and compare it to the price you find on the Canadian manufacturer’s site.

When you do this, you quickly find out that same exact same car in the US is typically at least $3,000 cheaper than in Canada. Think we’re exaggerating? We went on to & .ca  along with & .ca this morning and priced out a couple of cars, here is what we found:

Now, this calculation does not take into account the value of the Canadian dollar, which we left out on purpose because the dollar fluctuates (and we don’t want to update the post all the time). But, considering the dollar has been trading near par for such an extended period of time, it seems like a trend we should get used to.

Even after you factor in taxes and duties,  you will still save thousands of dollars by purchasing the car in the US and importing it into Canada. The savings become even greater the more expensive the car is. You can consistently save thousands of dollars by purchasing luxury cars in the US and importing them into Canada.

Don’t duties and taxes cancel out the savings?

In some situations yes, the savings are not enough to justify going through the process of buying in the US. However, on the vast majority of cars (especially when you get above the $25-30k price range, the savings are substantial and well worth purchasing in the US.

I’m interested in getting a car in the US, but have no idea how to handle all the paperwork…

If you’ve done some research, realized you can save money by purchasing a vehicle in the US and want to get a bit more information, we highly recommend contacting Ken Carmon at Bay Brokerage, Inc. We work closely with Bay Brokerage as they operate our border KinekPoints in Buffalo (NY), Champlain (NY), Wellesley Island (NY), and Port Huron (MI) and have had nothing but the best experience. It’s not just us either, you can read their testimonials here.

The team at Bay Brokerage can handle the entire process of brining a vehicle into Canada for you, meaning you don’t need to stress about what paperwork needs to be completed and submitted to various departments of government. You also won’t need to worry about if your car is legal in Canada, Bay Brokerage takes car of everything for you. Did you know that all vehicles being brought into Canada need to be stored at the border for 72-hours prior to import? Well, Bay Brokerage has secure facilities at major border crossings where they can store the vehicle for you as well and this is all part of the end-to-end service that they offer customers.

Does Bay Brokerage have experience importing cars and the process involved?

It’s tough to exaggerate their experience, suffice to say that their President, Ken Carmon, testified before the House of Commons in order to provide guidance and establish controls as part of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

How do I contact Bay Brokerage about possible importing a vehicle into Canada?

If you are interested, you can contact Ken at or reach him by phone at 1-(315)-482-6161