[UPDATE] To order shoes from NikeID and ship to one of our border locations, you must complete a manual order with NikeID. You cannot buy the item on the website, you will need to call NikeID at 1-866-633-6453 and give them your Canadian billing information and your new US Shipping address.

Have you ever bought some awesome shoes only to realize other people wearing the exact same pair?  Well, the other day my friend told me about a great website made by Nike called NIKEiD.  They give you the chance to customize your own shoes right on their website.  You can choose everything from the materials used to the colors and even add a personalized tag.  Not only did I think that was really cool, but your customized one of a kind shoes are about the same price as Nike shoes you will find in store.

My friend was planning on buying a pair he had designed but there was a slight problem, Nike only ships their NIKEiD shoes to a US shipping address.  That means those of us in Canada need to find another way to get our hands on them…and feet in them 😀  Thankfully I found a way for Canadians to get their customized shoes, using Kinek‘s alternative delivery network.   They specialize in providing a place for you, a Canadian who wants to buy those customized shoes, to ship your order to, effectively giving you a  shipping address in the United States.  You can click here to find the most convenient location for you.  All of the border locations are within a 10 minute drive from the border.  So if you’re part of the 75% of Canadians that live within 100 miles of the border it would likely only take a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to get your new shoes!

Now that I know about NIKEiD and the convenience of Kinek I plan on my next pair of shoes being designed by me using NIKEiD!