In our previous posts in the US Shipping Address section, we described how to ship US purchases to the border by using Kinek’s network of border Kinek Points. This practice allows Canadians to save money by ordering from US companies that won’t ship to Canada, or who charge far to much for Canadian shipping.

In this post, we want to describe how to use Kinek’s network of over 700 Kinek Points as your US shipping address while on vacation or business travel in the USA.

What is a Kinek Point?

Kinek Points are small-businesses that have registered to become part of Kinek’s network of alternate delivery locations. Millions of people struggle with the frustrations of home delivery for their parcels (missed deliveries, doorstep theft, damaged packages) because they are not at home during delivery hours. Kinek has set out to solve this problem by creating a network of small businesses where registered Kinek users can have their parcels shipped to. Kinek Points are always open during delivery hours so packages always get delivered the first time. As soon as a package arrives, Kinek sends out a text message (SMS) and email notification to the user letting them know that they can stop by and pick up their package when it is convenient for them.

Currently, Kinek has hundreds of locations throughout the United States is in the process of expanding into Canada.

Using Kinek Points on vacation or business trips

As we have mentioned in previous posts, not all US companies will ship to Canada and the ones that do, often charge a fortune for it. This is frustrating and has resulted in many Canadians ordering from US and having items shipped to border locations where they can then pick up the items and bring them back across themselves. But what if you’re going to be in the US for vacation or business reasons, how can you take advantage of your trip for cross border shopping purposes?

One great way is to order items online (or from a catalogue for that matter) and have them shipped to a Kinek Point near your hotel, motel, or campground. When your order arrives, the Kinek Point will sign for it, input into Kinek’s system, and send out a text message and email notification to you letting you know it is there. They will then hold onto it until you drop by to pick it up.

Finding a US Kinek Point

Simple, just go to and use the search bar to find a Kinek Point in the name of the town or city you will be travelling to. Once you have found a convenient Kinek Point, just sign-up for a Kinek account and select that location as your default Kinek Point.

You then use the shipping address they provide you with to order online.


Kinek does not charge you any sign-up or subscription fees. You only pay when you pick up a package. Each Kinek Point charges their own fees, but they typically range from $3 to $10 per package.

So, whether you’re ordering a new tent for that camping trip in Texas or a new pair of shoes for that big business meeting in New York, there are hundreds of Kinek Points to have your US purchases shipped to. Plus, if you’re out of the country for 48-hours, you get a $400 personal exemption on any US purchases!

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