Well, if it hits the front page of the CBC it must be news right? Earlier this morning CBC reported that the Canadian dollar momentarily reached par with the US dollar.

I suspect border lines are going to be getting a bit longer in the coming months as Canadians cash in on great US prices.

[update] There has been a mass amount of news circulating in the past few days in regards to the soaring Canadian dollar and its implications on cross border shopping. Here are a few links to the stories we have been tracking. (CBC and CTV News articles).

Whether the media looks at Cross Border Shopping as a negative or positive piece of news, no one can deny the thousands of dollars Canadians save on merchandise across the border. We hear reports everyday of people saving over $600 on tires, $1000 on a stereo receiver, $100 on a pair of shoes?? and the list goes on and on and on. If you are looking to save some money finding a U.S. shipping address is a good idea.