Blue Rooster Chiminea Summer is fast approaching, and as us Canadians know, the season is not long enough. We are all looking for ways to maximize the time we can spend outdoors in the summer in the privacy of our backyards. So why not use a border KinekPoint to help accessorize your backyard with a cast aluminum chiminea from Blue Rooster. They offer high quality chimineas that will not crack, warp or rust like clay or other metal models are susceptible to do.

With a chiminea, not only can you have your own private fire in the comforts of your back yard, but you can also reenact camping adventures by roasting marshmallows and other tasty treats.

Another benefit of having a chiminea versus an open fire pit is that by having a single opening, it prevents smoke from blowing in your eyes. They are also designed to keep the fire properly ventilated so it burns for hours with minimal upkeep.

By shipping to a KinekPoint along the U.S. Border you gain your very own US Shipping Address and save on international shipping, brokerage fees, and possibly duty as well. This means big savings on high quality products.

By shipping a chiminea from Blue Rooster to a border KinekPoint, you will also benefit from free shipping. In comparison, if you were to have BlueRooster ship directly to Canada, you are looking at $75+ in shipping fees, at least $40 in Brokerage fees, and duty is always hit and miss.

There is no need to worry about shipping such a large item either. Many of our border KinekPoints are able to accept packages of any  size and weight.

Ship your new Blue Rooster Chiminea to your border KinekPoint to take advantage of the savings across the border!