So the back to school rush is on and most people just want to get the entire process over with as fast as possible. While smaller items such as crayons and paper may be cheaper to buy at the local Staples or Wal Mart you may want to rethink where you purchase the larger items such as a new TV or clothing. Some people are OK with paying a premium price from their local electronics or fashion stores, but we have a hunch that there’s people that would also like to save some money as well. Did you know you can receive the exact same TV for a few hundred to over a thousand dollars less in the U.S.? Most people also don’t know that you can actually buy from those clothing stores that only ship within the U.S. as well.

Canadians don’t have to miss out. They can simply sign up for a free US Shipping Address at and save instantly. Let’s take a few scenarios that we found online that resembles just what we are talking about.

Scenario 1: Savings on a back to school TV

52″ Sony Bravia at – $2999.99 + $390 in tax = $3390

The exact same TV at Abe’s of Maine in the US – $1869.18 + $368 in Duties and taxes = $2237.18

This is a difference over $1100.00. There is the cost of gas to go down to the border to pick up the item, but isn’t it worth it?

Scenario 2: Access to US Clothing stores that don’t ship to Canada

Here is a list of stores that you will have access to if you sign up with Kinek and choose a US Shipping Address:

  1. – all resellers
  2. LL Bean
  3. Hollister
  4. Abercrombie and Fitch
  5. The Gap

Remember you can buy items online from some of these companies but they charge international shipping and brokerage fees and make your $40 pair of jeans a $80 pair of jeans. It just makes sense to ship them to the border!