Amazon Christmas Shopping

Are you finished your Christmas shopping yet? There are only 7 Days left to ensure you receive your orders before Christmas! Friday, December 17th is the last day to order your Christmas gifts from the world’s largest online retailer. Why shop at Amazon? They have great prices, they are a trusted retailer, and they’re FREE super saving shipping option is tough to beat. For us Canadians, shipping an order from can really pay off since all we pay are the taxes when crossing back into Canada. There is no international shipping fees, so we can take advantage of the free super saving shipping option much like our American friends. We also don’t have to pay added brokerage fees so you can really save on your Holiday budget by shipping your amazon order to a border KinekPoint.

One feature that many spouses use for their Holiday shopping is the wish list that amazon created years ago. You can simply browse your favourite products and add them to your wish list so your spouse knows exactly what you want. Are you sick of getting underwear and socks? Try Amazon’s wish list and let your friends and family know what you really want!

If you’re a deal hunter you may find Amazon’s Lightning Deals intriguing. When visiting the homepage click on the link ‘Today’s Deals‘. On the right hand side of the page you will see amazon’s lightning deals that showcase a product from their store with huge discounts, but just for a few hours or until they sell out of stock, so you have to be quick.

No matter what you are looking for this Holiday season Amazon most likely has it, and at a great price.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!