Archive | May, 2012

Allowances Increased for Cross Border Shoppers

Allowances on items you bring across the border are going up as of June 1st and Kinek users couldn’t be happier! Thousands of Canadians make their day or weekend trips to the U.S. and many of them bring back online orders they sent to their preferred Kinek location. It’s the easiest way to get those […]

How to get a Vann’s order delivered to Canada

In the market for a new set of speakers, television, or even home appliances? The prices and selection at are hard to beat. Vann’s is a US retailer that sells tons of great stuff like electronics and home theatre equipment and has the customer service and expertise to back it up. The problem? They […]

Rock Auto Shipping to Canada

Getting Auto Parts to Canada One product category where it nearly always pays to order from the US is car parts, it’s just too bad that the shipping prices to Canada are so brutal. Whether you’re ordering from Tire Rack, Auto Parts Warehouse, or Rock Auto the prices and product selection are almost unbeatable. So […]

New location in Babb, Montana

ATTENTION ALBERTANS Alberta has been patiently waiting for a trusted Kinek location just across the border in Montana, and Kinek is pleased to announce its newest location, Border Tire & Kinek Pickup. Located on highway 89 in Babb, Montana, this new location will be offering the acceptance of packages of any size and weight. This […]