Archive | October, 2010

PayPal as your US Billing Address

Have you ever tried to buy something online from a US retailer but were unable to complete the purchase because they required that you have a US billing & shipping address?  Perhaps they don’t ship internationally but you were  planning on shipping the item to a border KinekPoint and picking it up at your convenience. […]

Target coming to Canada?

There has been a lot of talk over the last few months that American retail giant Target might be coming to Canada.  However, due to a court battle involving another company that holds the trademark for the Target name in Canada their entry into our market could be a few years away.  I came across […]

Ordering online from Pottery Barn for Canadians

The Pottery Barn is one of the United States’ most popular home furnishing brands.  Canadians seem to love it too, but unless you live in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver (where they have recently opened up retail locations) chances are it’s going to be a hassle to get the products you want.  That’s because unfortunately The […]

Saved $75 on Promax Energy Bars

Working for a company that has a great way to save people money has its perks. I often save money on many items that I research and buy on a  regular basis. Energy bars are something that I love to eat before and after a workout to help keep me going during a busy day. […]

Getting the best price on eBay

Canadians made over 95 million purchases online last year, spending $15 billion in the process.   Yesterday I ordered 6 more months worth of contacts online.  For whatever reason, be it convenience, selection, price, or something else,  millions of Canadians are flocking online rather than to the local mall to make purchases of all types and […]