Archive | May, 2010

Importing Cars into Canada

We’re excited to announce a new resource on our site that is dedicated to helping everyday Canadian consumers import cars into Canada. There are other places on the internet that outline the entire complicated process of how to do so, but our’s is a bit different. As many of you know, many of our border […] update, now with more US shipping address!

Hey everyone! After a busy few weeks, we are finally ready to unveil a major update to our sister-site, We’ve made a lot of changes to the look and feel, and also added quite a bit of content too. One thing we’ve added (we’re actually a little surprised we didn’t think to add it […]

New KinekPoint serving Montreal!

Today is a great day for those who live in the Montreal area. We just set up a new KinekPoint in Champlain, New York that is a great addition to our network. The location is called Bay Brokerage and is our 4th Bay Brokerage border KinekPoint. Other Bay Brokerage KinekPoints are in Port Huron, Michigan, […]

What are you Shipping to the Border?

We have been getting a great response from people who are finding great deals in the U.S. and shipping their items to a convenient border pick up point. What we would love to know from our readers is: “What have you shipped to the border and how much have you saved?” If you would be […]