To ship to any of our locations, simply sign-up for a free Kinek account at

The following  locations accept packages on behalf of Canadians and hold them for a small fee. If you would like to send a package to any of the following locations visit and sign up for an account. You will receive the address and a KINEK# to receive instant email and text messages when your package arrives.

Calais, Maine

  1. Ace Homecenter
  2. AN Derringer

Champlain, New York

  1. Bay Brokerage
  2. Border Mail Services
  3. Business America Services

Oroville, Washington

  1. Appleway Video

Pembina, North Dakota

  1. Red River Repair

Derby Line, Vermont

  1. Norman G. Jensen

Wellesley Island, New York

  1. Anchor Development
  2. Wellesley Island Building Supply

Lewiston, New York

  1. The UPS Store

Ogdensburg, New York

  1. N.A.C. Logistics

Buffalo, New York

  1. Bay Brokerage

Detroit, Michigan

  1. Computing Express

Port Huron, Michigan

  1. Bay Brokerage

Marine City, Michigan

  1. FB Packaging and Shipping

Saulte Sainte Marie, Michigan

  1. Pete’s Appliance