Edge Logistics (Serving greater Vancouver area)

Edge Logistics in Blaine

UPDATE: Download Kinek’s new iPhone app to use Edge Logistics as your US Shipping Address!

Edge Logistics is the new Kinek location that is now accepting packages in Blaine, Washington serving the greater Vancouver area. This package hot spot will surely be one of the busiest across the U.S./Canadian border. Edge Logistics has extensive experience in the package industry and welcomes all Canadians to ship to their location. They currently accept packages of any size and weight and are conveniently located just a few minutes across the border in Blaine. All you need to do is sign up at www.kinek.com and select their location to receive your new US Shipping Address.

The West coast of Canada, and more specifically British Columbia, is a cross border shipping drop zone. Thousands of British Colombians cross the border every day to pick up their US purchases. If you are new to shipping to the border the process is quite simple. Once you have signed up and acquired your US Shipping Address you enter it in your online retailers shipping form when shopping online. When the package arrives you will receive an email and text message. Upon notification, you have 14 days to pick a regular package up in Blaine at Edge Logistics before prices increase. You pay a small $5 per package receiving fee when you pick the item up. (See Kinek profile for larger package pricing). And that’s it! You can enjoy recieving items that can’t be shipped to Canada and you also eliminate international shipping and brokerage fees on the items that are to expensive to ship to Canada.

If you have any questions about shipping to Blaine, WA, leave us a question in the comments and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Get started by signing up for free at www.kinek.com.