Buffalo, New York (Peace Bridge crossing)

Demand for receiving packages, especially large ones, in Buffalo has become an even bigger priority for Kinek.  Dollar City Warehouse is a trusted location in the Kinek network close to the Galleria Mall.  This location has multiple loading docks along with a fork-lift to receive heavy items on pallets. This means they handle any size and weight at their package receiving warehouse.

Pricing? That’s the best part, package pricing starts at just $5! If you’re looking for a US Shipping Address to receive packages from US online stores like Amazon, MonoPrice, LL Bean, or AutoPartsWarehouse, this is the perfect KinekPoint in Buffalo, New York for you.

Not only will we receive your online US orders, but we’ll also track your package the entire way and provide email, text message, or smartphone notifications each time it’s tracking status is updated. You can monitor its progress from your free online account or from our free iPhone app. We’ll then notify you when it’s delivered and you can view all your packages from your Kinek account.

How to ship to our Buffalo border KinekPoint?

  • Step 1: Sign up for the service at www.kinek.com
  • Step 2: Fill out your profile once you sign up
  • Step 3: Click the “Border KinekPoint” button
  • Step 4: Select “Ontario” from the list of provinces and select Dollar City Warehouse  from the map and click “Save KinekPoint”
  • Step 5: Use your new shipping address when ordering online or from a catalogue!

We’ll then notify you when your package arrives. We also have a dedicated customer support team to help out with any questions you may have. To get in touch go to the “Contact Us” section of Kinek.com.


Get started by signing up for free at www.kinek.com.