Ogdensburg, New York (serving Ottawa and Brockville area)

Looking for a US shipping address in Ogdensburg, NY?

NAC Logistics and BayBurg Expediters are border KinekPoints in Ogdensburg, New York, that will act as your US shipping address. They can accept packages of any size or weight, which means you can ship large and heavy items to either of their locations. Shortly after you order arrives, Kinek will notify you by text message and email.

By using a KinekPoint in Ogdensburg, NY, you can place orders on websites that do not offer shipping to Canada. Even if a company does ship to Canada, you can use one of these border KinekPoints to avoid expensive international shipping and brokerage fees.

NAC Logistics only charges $5 a package for items under 100 lbs in weight. They charge slightly more for heavier packages, so be sure to check out their KinekPoint profile over at www.kinek.com. Can’t make it down to pick-up your package right away? Don’t worry, NAC will hold on to your packages for the Kinek standard 30 days at the amazing low price of $5 and if you are late, not to worry, they don’t charge extended storage for a few days past the 30 day deadline. NAC is also open weekends for convenient pick-up!

BayBurg Expediters is Kinek’s newest KinekPoint in Ogdensburg! This location plans on offering a forwarding service in the near future for businesses and individuals who don’t mind paying the additional costs and working with them to get proper paperwork filled out. Pricing starts at $5 per package and goes up after 50 lbs. They are currently open Monday-Friday and charge extended storage if packages are not picked up within 15 days if over 20 lbs, and 30 days if under 20 lbs.

1) Register for a free Kinek account at www.kinek.com

2) Complete your profile

3) Select NAC Logistics or BayBurg Expediters in Ogdensburg as your KinekPoint

4) You will now be presented with your new KinekPoint shipping address. Use this address when ordering online or from a catalog.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with someone from Kinek using the LiveChat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen either on this site or over on Kinek.com.