We’re excited to announce a new resource on our site that is dedicated to helping everyday Canadian consumers import cars into Canada. There are other places on the internet that outline the entire complicated process of how to do so, but our’s is a bit different. As many of you know, many of our border KinekPoints (that Canadians use as their US shipping address when ordering online from US retailers) are run by Bay Brokerage. Not only do Bay Brokerage’s locations act as KinekPoints, but they also handle freight for some of North America’s biggest companies.

Ship to the Border is partnering with Bay Brokerage to promote a new section of this website which will help consumers learn about how they can use Bay Brokerage to import vehicles into Canada. You can find this new section in our menu bar across the top of the screen, or by simply clicking here.

Unlike other resources on the internet, our new section on how to import cars into Canada outlines how Bay Brokerage can handle the entire process for you. No need to worry about paperwork, customers, storage, or regulations, Bay Brokerage can handle everything for you at an unrivaled price.

So what are you waiting for? Check out how to Import Cars into Canada.


– Ship to the Border Team