We have been getting a great response from people who are finding great deals in the U.S. and shipping their items to a convenient border pick up point. What we would love to know from our readers is:

“What have you shipped to the border and how much have you saved?”

If you would be willing to share your cross border shopping savings with the rest of our readers, please leave a comment below. We have so far talked to people who have purchased anything from tires for their vehicle to basketball shoes, to iPads that STILL aren’t available in Canada. We know there must be a wide range of items out there that are much cheaper in the U.S., but we need you to help us out!

If you have tried the Kinek service to ship your packages to a convenient location across the border, please let everyone know how your experience went! We’ve been trying to spread the word as much as we can and now we’d love to get some feedback. If anyone has any questions or comments about shipping to the border, or the Kinek service in particular, we would love to hear from you.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the high Canadian dollar by using a border KinekPoint as your U.S. shipping address, check out our sister site www.kinek.com.

Looking forward to your next package!

– Ship to the Border Team