Warm weather has us Canadians going outside in droves to participate in our favorite activities.  I am always on the hunt for athletic apparel that is not only comfy, but looks great too. My latest obsession is Under Armour.

While we can purchase their clothing in Canada, living in a smaller city, we are limited to what selection there is. I found a tank on SportChek.ca for $24.99. SportChek does ship to Canada, but does not offer free shipping on orders under $150, so tack on another $10 for shipping. The exact same tank on the Under Armour website is listed at $19.99. The best part of the Under Armour site is they have a section dedicated to outlet prices, so the tank is even further reduced to $9.99, and they offer free shipping within the US. So, we are looking at a savings of $25 by the time you factor shipping costs and savings on the shirt!!

By shipping to your new US shipping address, you benefit not only on more selection and cheaper prices directly from Under Armour, but incredible savings on shipping. Ship to your Border KinekPoint today to stock up on athletic apparel.