Everyone wants some “ulta”mate deals right?  80% of Canadians live within an hour of the border, 40% of which are girls looking for stylish beauty products, and the other 40% of which are guys who are looking to impress that special someone with just the right gift.

Because Ulta.com doesn’t offer shipping to Canada, until now Canadians who wanted access to Ulta products had to try to find a store and then travel all the way there.  Thanks to Kinek, now cross-border shoppers who want to take advantage of outrageous online deals, promotions, and sales can do so. Cross-border shopping has never been so easy and with free shipping on order over $25 from Ulta, it has never been so affordable.  With Kinek you can get access to all these great deals, and get your items delivered right to the border!

How do I go about doing this you may ask? Simply sign up at www.kinek.com, choose the most convenient border KinekPoint, and you can start shipping items there right away!  There are no signup or membership fees, you only pay when you have a package delivered, and you gain access to items offered on great U.S. sites like Ulta.