Mountain biking can be an expensive sport, and unless you live in a  mountain biking hotbed chances are you’re paying a premium for elite level components.  I typically shop around locally, and have managed to find some pretty sweet deals,  but sale shopping doesn’t give you the widest selection of products.  This year I desperately needed some new tires so I broke down and bought a set of Kenda Nevegals for their regular price of nearly $60 each.  If only I was living in SoCal I could have picked them up at a mega bike shop for 40% less!  The same price savings apply to most components and bikes on the market when you look south of the border.  Here’s a good example:

Rocky Mountain Altitude 70 RSL is available in Canada for $5499.99 or the in the US for $3299

Your local bike shop does have many advantages, such as convenience and friendly customer service, but for those of us on a tight budget we’re usually looking for the biggest bang for our buck.

So now for more on the great deals offered in the US…buying bike parts online from US retailers and getting them shipped to your house sounds great on the surface, but it really can be a quite a hassle, dealing with brokerage, duty, and outrageous international shipping fees?  However,  Kinek has a solution for you to take advantage of these great deals, worry free.  Sign up online to get your free US shipping address and ship your order to the border. It’s a win-win situation, with all the new parts you’ve bought at such great prices you’ll be faster and your wallet won’t be getting so thin…unless of course you find so many great deals you end up buying twice as much 😛