Promax Cookies and Cream Energy BarsWorking for a company that has a great way to save people money has its perks. I often save money on many items that I research and buy on a  regular basis. Energy bars are something that I love to eat before and after a workout to help keep me going during a busy day. The only downfall is that here in Canada these Promax Energy Bars cost $3.19 at the local Superstore.

I decided to do some research to see if I could find these great tasting energy bars online. I found them on for a third of the price! If you buy a box of 12 you are paying $1.09 per bar. That’s a savings of $2.10. I am not much of a bulk buyer but I decided to purchase 3 boxes of these since they are my favorite and because I had free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. 36 bars in 3 boxes with a savings of $2.10 per bar equals $75.60 saved on just this order alone. If you’re Canadian and were thinking of getting these shipped to your house then you would get the surprise that these cannot be shipped to a Canadian address. Many companies that resell on will not ship to Canada and the one’s that do charge outlandish international shipping fees. If there is a way you can make it to the border there are tons of items just like these Promax energy bars that will leave you with more money in your pocket.

I personally shop online quite often because of the selection but when shipping to the border I usually purchase a few things I need at once so I can pick everything up in one trip. As stated in many previous posts it’s really easy to get your US Shipping Address over at and once you try it out you will find yourself searching for more great deals in the U.S. just like this one.