pottery barn

The Pottery Barn is one of the United States’ most popular home furnishing brands.  Canadians seem to love it too, but unless you live in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver (where they have recently opened up retail locations) chances are it’s going to be a hassle to get the products you want.  That’s because unfortunately The Pottery Barn and their parent company Williams Sonoma just don’t ship to Canada.  This includes popular brands such as PBteen,  Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm.   I guess you could take a trip to the nearest Pottery Barn store if you really wanted a product of theirs, but for many of us that isn’t possible.  If you live in Atlantic Canada the closest Pottery Barn store is in Portland, Maine which is a nearly 4 hour drive from the nearest border crossing!  Even if you can make it to one of their stores there is no guarantee that they will have all the products that you found online.  If only there was a way to ship your purchases to somewhere along the Canada/US border and then you could go pick up your new couch, rug and lamp and whenever it was most convenient for you.  Thankfully there is a way, and many people have already found the solution with Kinek!

Kinek enables any Canadian to have their very own US shipping address in border towns from coast to coast.  So go get your US address from Kinek and whenever you want to shop from the Pottery Barn simply ship the items to your Kinek address.  That’s how many Canadians are now enjoying the complete line of Pottery Barn  products.  In a couple of minutes you could be enjoying all their products too!  Maybe one day Pottery Barn will start shipping their products internationally, but until then you can use your border KinekPoint  to get exactly the products you want.