Great news! Under the new U.S./Canada/Mexico trade agreement the online duty free limit has increased from $20 to $150. This means if there is anything under $150 that you cannot access here in Canada, but can order in the U.S., you’re not going to need to pay duty! This is for online orders only and does not reflect the duty free limits that you have when physically crossing back across the U.S./Canadian border. This helps many of us online shoppers who purchase items in the U.S., regardless if we physically go down and bring the items across the border, or have them shipped to our home in Canada. In most cases, it’s still much cheaper to purchase online and then physically go down and bring the item across.

This duty amount update is well overdue as the limit hasn’t changed since 1985.  You can read more information including Prime Minister Trudeau’s comments about the new deal head over to Global News.