Music is as ageless as time itself.  It is all around the world in different forms, played by many different instruments.  Musician’s friend has everything one would need to perform a wild rock’n’roll concert and then dive into a deep concerto.

Musician’s Friend is organized in such a way that you will have no trouble finding exactly what you are looking for.  Their “shop by department” option features so many categories that you won’t’ have to spend any time at all browsing through the website trying to find one certain item. They have a great deal center which features all of their deeply cut prices on over 2400 items!  Their website also features a used item category for the buyer who is looking for the best deal and doesn’t mind an item that is looking for a second home.  As if the above wasn’t enough they also offer a Stupid Deal of the Day, in which they absolutely cut the price of a select item to the bone, that will have you checking back everyday to see what amazing deal you can grab.

While Musician’s Friend can ship a few select items to Canada, the majority of their selection is only available to Americans.  This is where Kinek bridge’s the gap.  By using Kinek, you can get their great deals delivered to the border for pickup, avoiding the need for international shipping.  All you have to do is head over to and signup.  While signing up, you choose the most convenient border location for you and you are ready to start planning your next big musical event.